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Dr. Toru Uehara is currently a Professor of Graduate School of Health and Welfare, Takasaki University of Health and Welfare, Japan. He has been working in the area of neuropsychiatry, psychosomatic medicine and clinical psychology for approximately 30 years at the Niigata University and the Gunma University. He published 69 papers in English peer-reviewed journals, over 100 in Japanese journals, as well as 38 invited chapters in books. He is a board member of several Japanese societies or associations in these fields, and was appointed as a visiting scholar of the University of Sydney in 2002. His research and clinical interests focus on child and adolescent psychiatry, eating disorders, expressed emotion, family psychoeducation, neuroimaging, diagnosis and evaluations, psychosocial factors and campus mental health.
Doctor, June 1996
October 2002 - October 2003
The University of Sydney Department of Psychological Medicine visiting scholar